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nordic light office building


A kihívás

Cushman & Wakefield was appointed for the Property Management of Nordic Light Office building developed by SKANSKA in May 2016.

Cushman & Wakefield joined the project in the last phase of the construction, which enabled our team to get deep knowledge of the systems, the facility management tasks and warranty issues.

The category „A”, LEED Gold pre-certified building was purchased by Erste Real Estate Fund in Dec 2016.

Cushman & Wakefield is being responsible for the full scope of property management activities, including tenant liaison, technical supervision, management accounting and subcontractor management.

Following the Ownership change of Nordic Light, our challenge was to correspond to the expectations of the new Landlord, as well as to successfully handle all issues which might arise during the operation of the newly build office building.

A megoldás

Cushman & Wakefield has appointed a senior on-site property manager, who oversees and manages the daily operation of the office complex, with direct support from the HQ.

The property manager is the first point of contact with immediate availability and response to the tenants and the Owner.

The property manager is also supervising the facility management activities of the building, monitoring the subcontractors and ensures that new trends and best practices are followed.

Az eredmények

All issues and project related to Nordic Light office building related to both tenants the Landlord are being handled with great care and confidence, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the asset.